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University Institute for Development and Cooperation, University Complutense of Madrid

The IUDC is an University Institute of the University Complutense of Madrid that organises trainings and academic formation in the field of international cooperation. It has a longstanding record in technical assistance and research in cycle management and development interventions, as well as it has it own publication departmentThe IUDC of the Complutense University has launched a series of activities, which aim at promoting outreach and awareness on the processes of development and cooperation towards students, professionals, companies and institutions. It has also designed initiatives to contribute to the enforcement of cooperation relationships between Europe and the developing countries, and particularly those of Spain and the European Union with Latin American and Maghreb countries.

Geographical level International
Location EU
Country Spain
Type of organisation Academic
Area of interest Governance, Political Affairs, Justice and Human Rights, International Relations, Higher Education, Economy and Sustainable Development, Social Affairs, Gender
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