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Union of Community Developemnt Volunteers

Union of Community Development Volunteers (UCDV) is a Ugandan national indigenous development organization (not-for-profit) founded in 2004, and is duly registered with the National Bureau for NGOs (NGO Bureau) under charity number S.5914 /9052 in Uganda. UCDV provides the best opportunities to showcase the contributions of volunteers to society and it promotes humanitarian works to complete worthwhile projects for the common benefit of the less privileged groups of people.


In a bid to directly contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aimed not to leave anyone behind, UCDV is implementing impactful and transformational projects under the following priority areas of focus / intervention;

  1. Provision of clean Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).
  2. Enabling Healthy Living.
  3. Education Support Programme.
  4. Creating Economic Security.
  5. Managing Climate Change / Environment protection.
  6. Connecting Potentials (International volunteer hosting and placement programme)
  7. Emergency /disaster relief.
  8. Gender and social inclusivity.
  9. Consolidating Institutional Strengths.

Union of Community Development Volunteers’ current Strategic Plan (SP) aligns the organization for the increased need for contributions to the new, national and global development frameworks of the National Development Plan (NDP III) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) respectively, that generally focus on improving people’s economic and social welfare through increased access to development opportunities at different levels.

Geographical level International
Location Other (Non LAC or EU)
Country Uganda
Type of organisation Civil Society Organisation
Area of interest Climate Change and Environment, Economy and Sustainable Development, Social Affairs, Other
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