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Red de Living Labs y espacios de innovacion de america Latina y el Caribe

The objectives of Living Labs and Areas of Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAILAC) are based on five pillars: Link the actors from Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe in a coordinated, consensual and articulate way. Create new Living Labs and areas of innovation in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, within the Atlantic basin of innovations. Contribute to the creation of an area of ​​innovation and knowledge sharing between Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean within the Atlantic basin of Innovation. Develop interactions between European, Latin American and the Caribbean areas of innovation within the basin Atlantic innovation. The deployment of open technologies through media promotion and the disruption (essentially associated with the support of knowledge technologies ) of Latin American models of innovation in Europe.

Geographical level Regional
Location EU
Country Internacional
Type of organisation Research Center
Area of interest Governance, Political Affairs, International Relations, Science, Research and Innovation, Climate Change and Environment, Economy and Sustainable Development, Other
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