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Latin American and Caribbean Network for Democracy

Latin American and Caribbean Network for Democracy (REDLAD)


Redlad has a policy of openness to all ideas (if they are democratic), a pluralistic basis of understanding and open to all legitimate causes of our region operate. We are an organization that integrate different types of organizations, networks and individuals who share faith in the common work for better country and a better region with mutual respect, respect for human rights and democracy as north.


The Network is made up of other networks, civil society, social movements, organizations close to business sectors, research organizations, human rights organizations, organizations defending groups vulnerable and generally various types of organizations and activists. The only thing the organization does not accept non-democratic entities who do not believe in dialogue and political parties. The Network is also a secular, multi-ethnic, multicultural and open to dialogue space.


We thought of a plural experiment regional dialogue and has become the strongest pluralistic and democratic platform in the region, where converge the left, right and center all democratic mindset, in the same space of understanding.



  • More tan 400 organizations and networks in all the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean and alliances with thousands of groups, organizations, networks and activists. Active presence in all countries. Only plural network involving all sectors.
  • Network of networks contribute to the operation or networking in sensitive areas such as youth, indigenous peoples, sexual diversity, gender, religious freedom, African descent, among others.
  • Support and advocacy of civil society and human rights in the Americas. It has a system of regional alerts, an observatory of democracy and human rights and a relief fund defenders and civil society organizations. Our database reaches 18,000 organizations / media
  • Lobbying and advocacy activities in countries, regionally and globally. Registered and active participant in the OAS and the UN
  • One group of civil society and regional election observation audit. We have been vital in democratic processes of Guatemala and Honduras and participated as international observers in Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela, El Salvador, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay and Ecuador.
  • Represents the World Movement for Democracy (5200 global movements) and the ISC of the Community of Democracies (110 foreign ministers of democratic governments) in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Redlad designs and implements programs of classroom and online training in diversity issues as citizen journalism, Defending Civil Society, Cyber-Activism, Human Rights, Accountability, etc. More than 30,000 people directly trained in different countries. 2.0 Our own training platform (virtual campus) and strategic alliance with Cambridge Graduate University, allowing us to short training programs, diploma, masters and PhDs. We are leaders and NGOs and governments. Formation process candidates, authorities and emerging leaders.
  • Develop specific activities in defense of democracy and civil society in all countries as well as regional and international organizations
  • We promote activities to share knowledge, exchange best practices and develop strategies for the defense of democracy, human rights and civil society in the region.
  • Redlad promotes open spaces and full participation of civil society in the OAS and other regional and global spaces. Formulates proposals, develops strategies and actions that contribute to a better region
  • Public denunciation of human rights violations and undemocratic practices in Latin America and the Caribbean. The alerts are used as strategies to defend democracy, social actors and vulnerable groups.
  • Redlad coordinated strategies and social programs for sustainable development and strengthening of civil society and its organizations in different countries in the region with the support of various international donors and local strategic partners.
Geographical level Regional
Location LA, Caribbean
Country Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela
Type of organisation Civil Society Organisation
Area of interest Governance, Political Affairs, Justice and Human Rights, Security, Social Affairs, Gender, Youth
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