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Identidad MERCOSUR

Identidad MERCOSUR/ MERCOSUR Identity is a plural and multidisciplinary space, designed to promote reflection and the achievement of actions related to the issues of Latin America regional integration. Those who participate in this space believe in an integrated model that goes beyond the business logic, we believe this model is moving toward a South America capable of giving a response, from an inclusive development, to the challenges settled by globalization; Involving their societies, and creating a sense of regional belonging, a common regional citizenship, able to overcome fake antinomies to build, in a democratic and plural form, a region of peace, and sustainable and egalitarian development. Since our commitment with MERCOSUR, we appreciate the importance, but still insufficient, of new spaces of participation emerging in the block. In this common space of dialog and participation, the construction of a regional identity becomes an inescapable imperative for the full development of the citizenship.

Geographical level National
Location LA
Country Argentina
Type of organisation Civil Society Organisation
Area of interest Governance, Political Affairs, Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, Economy and Sustainable Development, Culture, Social Affairs
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