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Fundación Santa Isabel

Santa Isabel Foundation was created by Julia Méndez de Sánchez in 1964 in Bogotá, Colombia. We started as a boarding school that offered housing and food to girls with some condition of social vulnerability. Society, its customs and needs changed, also demanding an evolution in our objectives. That is how since 2016 we expanded our mission, working with girls, boys and youth through educational projects that allow them to develop their thinking skills and strengthen the success factors for their life project. Today, we open our doors to more than 1,900 children and youth in the Sabana region of Cundinamarca department, to receive a unique experience that allows them to learn, renew their thoughts and set new goals. We are Education allies in the region; Therefore, we offer a space for reflection to educators and educational leaders, in which we discuss relevant issues of education and we bet on the construction of agreements that strengthen the quality of education that our children and youth receive in their schools. At the Foundation, we are convinced that quality education is the only way to transform our society and build a productive and peaceful Colombia.

Geographical level National
Location LA
Country Colombia
Type of organisation Civil Society Organisation
Area of interest Social Affairs
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