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A New Agenda for Relations between the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean

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European Commission
European Commission
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Subregion - European Union
new agenda
natural partners
Rule of Law
Human Rights
inclusive societies
The European Union (EU) and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) are natural partners. United by unique historical and cultural links, deep economic and social ties and a joint commitment to peace and multilateralism, the EU and LAC have created a strong relationship underpinned by a large network of agreements. Characterised by cooperation and dialogue, this enduring partnership is built on shared values and mutual interests.
In a fast-changing global context, the EU-LAC relationship warrants a renewal. Increasing geopolitical challenges, a devastating pandemic, the global climate and environmental crises, technological changes and rising inequalities all underscore the case for intensifying dialogue and enhancing cooperation among close, trusted partners.
As partners of choice, the EU and LAC should work together to harness their collective strength, defend common interests and jointly address global challenges. This Joint Communication sets out the EU’s proposal to develop together an ambitious and forward- looking agenda for a new era of cooperation between equal and like-minded partners.
This Joint Communication makes the case for a renewed strategic partnership and proposes a set of priorities and concrete actions in key areas.
First, the EU and LAC are key allies to strengthen the rules-based international system and step-up joint action to promote peace, security, democracy, the rule of law and human rights. Representing together one third of the membership of the United Nations (UN), the EU and LAC play an important role in upholding international law and defending the principles of the UN Charter, including by standing up to the Russian aggression against Ukraine. The EU and LAC also share the objective to make the multilateral system more effective and representative.
Second, the EU and LAC are close trade and investment partners with a shared interest in promoting sustainable growth and enhancing economic resilience, while reducing excessive dependencies and diversifying trade relations. The two regions are connected by one of the densest networks of trade agreements, which should be completed, while its further potential is unleashed. The EU is the top investor in the LAC region, the third largest trading partner1 and the leading contributor of development cooperation.
Third, both regions aspire to build inclusive and sustainable societies, based on a joint commitment to the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).2 The LAC region is vital to the ecological balance of the planet, in addition to being a major food producer and a renewable energy powerhouse. The EU and LAC should together lead a fair green and digital transition, including by rolling out the Global Gateway investment strategy.